Laughing stock

A blond-haired Caucasian woman laughing.

If there is one thing one must learn to do if one is to be happy, then one must at the very least; learn to laugh, at this cosmos. Where we exist, is a most perfect place for the creation of happiness; if we do not allow ourselves to get caught up, in weightier matters of why there is existence in the first place. Far safer to smile and accept, and be happy that one exists, and so deserves happiness. The universe is enormous, and we are floating points of matter and light; in a largely dark matter, and dark energy world. What is truly amazing is that amongst all the galaxies we have settled into this Milky Way, which has provided us all the combination of natural forces we require, for life to exist as we know it.

Our very existence is testament to the fact that the pursuit of happiness is the greatest goal for us to achieve. Our ancient vedic prayers state that peace is the final outcome of the state of happiness and every major ceremony ends with the chant of “Om shanti, shanti, shanti, Om” or may peace itself be at peace. This peace after walking down the path of awareness, I realized; is not the silent path, as I had assumed. In fact it takes up all the tumult and excitement of an ever expanding universe, into close consideration. It assumes that natural forces will act as per given laws, and try to be in harmony, with those around them. The success of peace has been written into the creation of our world, as it is the highest law and we will always progress from chaos into peace.

We also pray for the disease free livelihood for all beings on this earth, not just humanity, as we are custodians of a greater order. Our joy has to spread outwards in protection of all species within the laws of nature. Plants, animals, microbes, birds, ocean and sea life must all prosper for us to be at peace.  There is joy in birth, as well as great sorrow; as it also heralds the death, of all who are born. It is how we live in between that matter, in the end. Smile a little as it is not so hard, and laugh a lot, as that is even better. If we could spread the joy, then the dolphins will be our friends in the oceans, and we can fly with the butterflies; on a spring field, of wild flowers. The mighty oak laughs at the heavens as you watch it sprout its leaves in spring, and you weep with happiness at its ancient strength.

Life is a circus and the clowns are endless if we just pay attention to them. We get so caught up in our goals set for a person of high repute, that we lose the art of day to day living. The middle class rebel who laughs at circumstances, has not been a successful caricature in literature; as people are afraid, of such independent characters. As the Buddha said and countless others have reconfirmed, life is a great sorrow. Others are victims of the original sin and as such suffer in silence. Yet the few who have risen above this and are considered saints and learned have all surrendered themselves, to a simple fate. A fate where they spend their lives, in the service of others, becomes their mission. A life where joy comes from serving others, and not by any attachment to things or people.

Happiness is all around us and we only have to draw it into our sphere of influence. If we make one other person happy, then that person will go and make others happy, and the virtuous circle continues. If we center ourselves and radiate happiness then the positive thoughts and actions that follow will have a marked effect on our lives. As Saint Francis prayed “Let me become an instrument of your peace” in one of the most powerful prayers, ever written. The saint is showing us all that the way of peace is greater than the way of conflict and war. Nature dictates that we live and die by its laws and it will be so much better if we all rejoiced in its bounty. Promote peace and obey natural laws and we will all be happier. I ask you what have we got to lose, if you join my happiness, by laughing at this life.

Double digit GDP growth

GDP Growth rate in the world between 1990 to 2007

” Indian Economy is now clearly on a recovery path with a 7.4 per cent growth in the first three quarters and the new government is committed to maintain overall macroeconomic conditions on a sustained basis,”Indian Finance Minister Arun Jaitely said.

With aims of restraining inflation to around 4 % for the next three years, and a reduction in India’s current account deficit (CAD) which, declined sharply from 4.8 per cent of GDP in 2012-13 to 1.7 per cent in 2013-14 and is expected to decline further to 1.3 per cent in 2014-15. We need rapid disinvestment, as without it the investment in the future for Smart Cities, Industrial corridors along Railroads and National Highways is not possible. We need to bring industrial manufacturing to the rural areas to provide employment, and for that the state must pass the land bill.

With millions of employable people mushrooming from these rural areas in the coming decades, the states must provide great employment opportunities, by allowing private entrepreneurial ‘Make in India’ initiatives. With Mudra and the financial inclusion of hundreds of electronic millions into the economy, with micro financing, and direct deposit of social benefits; a new social good, is being achieved. There is an opportunity to tie in health and social security into the fastest digitization of Bank Accounts for hundreds of unbanked millions. With 300 million people landless in the rural sectors, these corridors will provide the employment; for these poor and deprived unemployed, in the countryside. Without these new employment opportunities they will end up and be treated as migrant labor, so it is best to bring jobs and skills to them, rather than cause a mass exodus.

Urbanization is not the only solution for modern living, but at the same time the rural land has to be converted; into these new industrial, and modern hubs. The more investment from a current account surplus, through widespread disinvestment; in the public sector, is required to boost the economy. Investment in infrastructure can only come from the state, if it generates a surplus, for the advancement of its people. Modi and Jaitely have been at major International nations recently in a display of Indian thinking today. They have pledged their intent to improve the economy with concentrated effort to make it simpler, economical and faster to Make in India. The government is open to business and will be an enabler instead of a procrastinator and a better rating is the result.

Mr. Modi has just concluded the best long term deal for Green energy by going nuclear for a billion people. With long term uranium commitments from Canada India can plan to provide electricity down its corridors in a reliable manner by including, hydro, solar, wind and biogas into the mix. The challenges are uniquely Indian as Mahatma Gandhi had pointed out that India lives in its ½ million villages. Unless we provide income, sanitation, irrigation and power to these villages from green projects India will become dependent on its abundant coal resources which it is starting to unleash. Coal will still be a mainstay of India’s immediate energy needs, but it is a cause of pollution and global warming.

Modi and Jaitely are both promising the new normalization of foreign and domestic investments, into GDP rate of annual growth of double digits, for decades in India’s future. The number is not plausible right now, but just the thought process is different; from ex Finance Minister Mr. Manmohan Singh’s under Narasimha Rao PM opening in 1991. They had struggled with a balance of payments crisis and a growth of 5% and more had looked good from their perspective, after the anemic Hindu rate of growth since Independence. A rate of 5-7% today, will not be enough for providing the jobs and growth required. The demographic dividend from South Asia is an opportunity for India to provide leadership, skill sets, and employment, by rapidly increasing manufacturing and energy. Qatari LPG and Iranian Oil can supply India for most of its immediate needs. Long term contracts with strategic pipelines should be built for these supplies and the infrastructure to build for transportation, refining and distribution of petroleum energy. India has the technology that south Asia needs, in one of the greatest growth stories that is about to unfold; as the next middle class of millions emerge, similar to China’s growth in the past decades.

A lot of things need to administratively, legislatively and judicially come together for India to attain its true potential. So far it has been just the start with the first year of the new economic thinking and a lot of work still remains to be done. Given time it should yield rich rewards, if the new leaders can keep their promises. While the euphoria of the BJP victory and Modi wave, may be subsiding, it is now up to these leaders, to forge a new reality; by simplifying and allowing into action the work of a million entrepreneurs. The time has come for the rise of a new India to seek its destiny, as the fastest growing nation on the planet. After a long time we have the visionaries who can take India in a new direction. Having forsaken my citizenship, I never thought that I would ever say again, that I am proud to see articulate Indian leaders, showing fearless leadership on the world stage.

Emotional Zombies


There is a new predator roaming our world and we are increasingly aware of it and constantly watching for its sound, vibration or sudden appearance. New studies have shown that it is even observed while we are eating as a family or in the privacy of our bathroom, and for some even while we are enjoying the most intimate of human interactions of sex. Countless accidents and deaths are now attributed to its rapid spread across the globe and numerous relationships have soured as its presence increases. By all counts it is spreading to younger generations and even the older more mature generations often fall victim to its inappropriate timings and appearances.

We are indulging in this creatures rise and there is no time of day or night when we do not fall prey to its insidious call. In fact we are encouraging it to grow and are now suffering depression, if it does not appear or responds in a timely manner when we engage in it. We lose sight of our immediate goals and important tasks that must be completed at once are put aside, as we cater to the increasing demands from this new beast in our lives. Children are left to cry and spouses left to fend for themselves as we withdraw from them and seek this newfangled devil, which attracts like no other.

Driver’s crash, lovers disengage, children disobey their parents, and responsible parties abscond from their work, as this new obsession takes over more lives every day. We are no longer masters of our own life and now cater to the constant interruptions, which lead us away from our planned goals. Why can we not resist this new plague that seems to grip everyone around us, as we move like zombies in a foreign land? Nobody talk to anyone and all we find are people staring at their devices as we commute, travel, attend meetings, go to social engagements or even as we gather at home as a family.

This is a new scientific phenomena and its rise will lead to the next evolution in our lives. The future of humanity is at stake and we will soon embed this new creature into our very brain as our obsessions increase. Today it is the phone or the watch and soon it will be a suitable chip implanted into our very nervous system. We will finally be always connected and the predator will have conquered our inner demons and we will no longer have a life of quiet and reflection. Finally it will tell us when, how and where to live our lives and we will succumb to its wiles and live in a freedom that is of our own creation.

Be happy as rational thought, meditation, contemplation and compassion will vanish and we will become yesterday’s news living today’s life. Such joy lies in our future that when we reach out for the person we love, we will find that all your expectations are met, as the device will be our companion made up of all our secret desires.

Desire colors our world

The dream rises in my deepest sleep, and slowly unfolds into my semi-conscious mind; and colors my mind, in its strange red color. I know it is her color, as only she has brought it into my life; as it is the color of her desire, which also rises in the dream. I grasp it and love it, and play with it and then feel it slipping out of my fingers, like water, and it leaves a sorrow behind. It is the bereavement of parting and the more I cling to it, the more quickly, it slips away. It is her gift to me and I awake to a hollow sorrow, which leaves me wondering why she must always be just so.

I wake and try to smile as I have forsaken this past and have promised myself, that I will awake with a smile to a new reality. Her color and her desire wrap me in a cocoon of sorrow, as I know that what she has given to me is only transient. All our grasping and our indulgences and our desires are wrapped up in this wakening, as only she could have done this to me. I loved and lost, and now the joy of the mingling is to live on, only in my memories; and arise only, in my deepest dreams.

My smile is wider now, as the shadows fall away and the new day rises. I meditate on the now and seek the lethargy that was our love, and bask in the glow that was our color. Our love awakened our senses, to an ecstasy of evermore. Oh slowly I say to my mind, rise slowly and let me enjoy this moment before the universe rushes in. All my yesterdays have now arrived at this pinnacle of realization, that without her I am nothing, and yet with her; I was less than nothing, for she had long ago become my everything.

The sounds of the birds outside wanders into my consciousness and the music of this universe starts to sing its daily song. I know that I must rise soon and forsake this bed and all it held dear. Who would have thought that the passion would fade and the desires banked and our color fade, when it seemed to be the only gift of life. This primordial desire was quenched and then rose again and was satisfied again in a circle of life. Now I reach out and my companion is gone and I find that there is only emptiness, where there had been everything.

My reality awakes and I step out into the day and the color of the morning is yellow, as the red fades back into the night. I want to mingle with this new day as I know it is all I have now, but something holds me back as if I await a sign. I will not let myself be dragged into the past of sorrow and will also not let the fear of the uncertain future, confound me. I step away from that bed but cannot give up the glory of that love. or the fulfillment of all the desires, as only she walked on that lonely path with me.

I rejoice in what I have lost as such is life and all it gives to us. If not for her I would not have known the joys of this life and if not for her, there would not have been the yesterdays of my dreams. Why she has moved on, I cannot say; and why I remain trapped in this endless sorrow, I cannot say. All I know is that love once was and now I am trying to rekindle that which no longer exists. I laugh aloud at this comedy of existence and worship her again, as my life was only for the unfolding of her love. While she has moved on, I am yet alive and will hold dear even the memories, of what once was. I walk alone into happiness, with the hope; that someday she will follow, and we will walk as one again.

“There are two tragedies in life. One is to lose your heart’s desire. The other is to gain it.”
George Bernard Shaw, Man and Superman