Our inner beauty


Am astounded by the events unfolding from the disgusting mowing down of our Policemen in Dallas with Assault guns; to the killing of a black man reaching for his wallet and ID, after telling the officer about it. The wars in the Middle East get worse every day with innocents dying and civilian refugees streaming out with no country ready to take them. Great Britain has voted to become Little England as Scotland and Ireland voted against leaving the EU, and misguided people are cheering their surprised leaders, who brought them to this sorry pass. The hurried summoning of the FBI Director for cross examination for purely political gain, while refusing to even conduct a hearing for the appointment of a Supreme Court Nominee, is partisan politics to an extreme. Is the USA in this election cycle, going to become the Disunited States of America, as the rift between the two sides, is fast becoming a chasm of mistrust? Is it only me, that I see more ugliness around me, in our day to day life? Every day that goes by I feel that there is no inner peace or beauty, to guide our daily existence in this age of reason.

In my recent posts I have seen a hatred for race, religion, LGBT, immigration, become increasingly vitriol and threatening. I hear hardening stands and positions on both sides, instead of our fellow citizens, engaging in an open debate. The fear mongers and supremacists seem to be leading the weak, and bent on silencing all others, with hate and bigotry agendas. There is no room for a reasoned argument anymore it seems, as the liberal are an anathema to the conservatives. How can we meet in the middle when there is no middle ground to discuss, as every topic has become an absolute truth? There is no give and take here; and the spirit of do onto others, as you would wish them to do onto you, is fast vanishing in the rush to judgement. Everything is now Red or Blue, and White or Black, and Male or Female with no shades of grey in between.

If God loves all his children, then why this hatred of those who look, behave, love, eat, drink and pray in a different way than us? We need more transparency and open dialog, or the whole of our existence will be wasted. If we do not open ourselves to humanity and the universe, we will only shrink and die. Give me the Spiritual leader who is transparent, or the Idealist who shines with an inner light any day, as the need grows stronger in these dark and troubled times.  My rallying cry for compassion, love, peace, human progress and inner light continues, so please join me if you can. There is still hope for a better world and humanity has just started on its tryst with destiny, and all of us are in this together!

“People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when the darkness sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there is a light within.” -Elisabeth Kubler-Ross, psychiatrist and author (8 Jul 1926-2004)

Happy Independence Day!


US IRS data shows that the super-wealthy, the top 0.1 percent of households continue to pull ahead as their incomes climbed nearly 9 percent to an average of $6.75 million. For the top 1 percent of households, income surged 7.7 percent to $1.36 million. While in the great recession for the average Joe we saw income declines, now finally in the last years of Obama’s presidency, income rose 3.9 percent last year to $48,768. This only shows that inequality continues to grow and the middle class continues to be squeezed out of a more equitable share of work and pay.

The concentration of wealth in the top 1 % is growing and the rest of the 99% continue to fall behind, even in the good years of a growing economy. I agree with Bill Gates and Warren Buffett that the greatest accumulation of wealth in human history, must be put to good use. The fortunate ones must in their wisdom, share the fruits of nature’s bounty, as their horn of cornucopia runneth over. The time has come where the modern nonprofit and charitable organizations, can finally make a difference, in our human condition. Never before have we had the means to provide housing, water, food, energy, education and healthcare to the poorest of the poor. We also know enough about our earth and global warming and environment, to be able to do this through green energy and smarter cities. We have destroyed so many species in the struggle for our own survival, that it is time now to reverse the trend and build for the survival of all creatures. Let evolution take its course and let man not be the destroyer of countless fauna and flora, in our quest for world dominance. We have the means and the intelligence now, to be smarter and more evolved, in how we approach life and nature around us. Our brightest are engaged in research and development in scientific fields at a pace not known before, and we have a great future; if we just pivot our vision and outlook, towards peace and development.

On this day when in the Battle of Somme a million men were killed or wounded in World War 1, we must never forget, what ruin human divisions and war can bring. Let us learn to be compassionate, caring and kind, as all this talk of bigotry and decisiveness, will only bring war and ruin on all of us. Call me an idealistic liberal with no understanding of our human nature, but I still want to take that first step towards Independence of thought and action, on our Independence Day weekend. As we celebrate our Independence let us remember the words that all men are created equal and we must pursue happiness for all and not just the ones we identify with through religion, race, gender, culture or social standing. We are and will remain in this together to our dying day, as our forefathers learned in their great wisdom. It is time now for us to learn anew from them, how to live with each other, and pursue happiness together for the greater good.

What wisdom can you find that is greater than kindness? -Jean Jacques Rousseau, philosopher and author (28 Jun 1712-1778)