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There is a slight wrinkle in the time space continuum it seems; as Google is going to build its new Moto X phone, right here in the US. Flextronics the colossus in worldwide logistics and manufacturing; will be using Motorola’s 500,000 square feet manufacturing facility in Fort Worth TX, and 2,000 workers will be assembling custom designed phones for the US market. This will allow better collaboration between the innovative designers in the US; and the factory to incorporate the latest designs and allow customers to enjoy the flexibility, of making their own phone. This is in contrast to Apple’s policy of making its phones abroad, and bringing them in standard configurations. The latest cheap iPhone announced at $ 99 is not so cheap it appears; as Apple knock offs in China are available for $ 40, and will the brand help them to bridge that gap, is still up in the air. The Moto X will have 70% of its components made here, and only the processors will come from Taiwan and the displays from South Korea. This may change in the future as U S manufacturers will be able to work with designers and come up with alternatives; just as Taiwan and Korea have been working with the designers, for the past decades.
In a sign of the times even Apple is going to produce its high tech Macs here in the US. Those who have given up on the US as a manufacturer; should not give up hope, as the times they are a changing. Whirlpool just announced appliances that will have iPhone like exteriors; and the stainless steel kitchens appliances in upscale homes, are about to change. These will be built in the US, and the use of latest materials and designs and it may be a broader new trend about to happen. The auto industry is making a comeback and while it is not roaring; it is still growing, and Obama’s bailout has left them standing, and they will soon be running. As more processors end up in the latest cars and high end music systems like Bose and others made in the US are added, the innovations will continue. Everything is going to become smarter and use less energy and for that the latest materials and designs have to be incorporated. The new muscle cars will be made not of metal alloys but of synthetic composites to lighten weight and increase strength. The greatest fear for people buying electric cars is that they will run out of juice and get stranded. This will change as they become more energy efficient; and run longer on a single charge, with improved storage. These cars will not break down and last much longer; than the inefficient internal combustible engines, which also pollute a lot more and add to greenhouse gasses.
With the revival in housing markets the new homes will use more items manufactured right here; as high end consumers, will seek the latest designs. These will then trickle down to the masses; in mass production methods adopted from the USA or its NAFTA partners. Energy production is going to grow right here in the US with abundant gas, oil, solar, bio mass, wind, nuclear and it will feed the cities of tomorrow. The building boom for the next millennium has not even started as the millennials, still have to decide where they will live and work. Having grown up in suburbs and small towns they will increasingly opt for city living; as that is where the action, will be. You cannot import a city; and modern life will change how and where we live, and how we communicate and spend our leisure. Hot spots of high speed communications and public transportation will be concentrated into mega clusters, as they are easy to maintain and support. The national parks are not going away any time soon and nature will be better husbanded; without encroachment, from human sprawl. Giant sports arenas, concert halls, exhibition grounds, theme parks and convention centers will incorporate the latest technologies and the wonders will continue endlessly in these mega structures, where the future generations will play and entertain themselves.

So as I said it seems a wrinkle is appearing in the space time continuum of human existence. It will change the path of development and allow better coordination between design and high end products and new technologies. The developed world will continue to pull ahead and the developing will be hard pressed to follow. There will still be the ones who want to adopt a Thoreau or Gandhian philosophy or the religious right; of living closer to nature, and minimizing our needs and imprint on this earth and avoidance of big government and societal ills, born of ever increasing desires and consumption. The struggle for the modern soul will continue, as we evolve and seek out new frontiers and the extremists will do anything to stop our progress. Will the rising spiral of innovation’s bounties; satisfy our physical and social needs, or will society breakdown into clusters of the have and havenots, is still to be seen. We cannot turn back the clock as these messiahs of hate and bigotry would have us believe, and change will come; and we just have to be better prepared to ensure we ride the next Tsunami of desires from the teeming billions, with resources that can satisfy them. The design of a new world order is taking shape right here and now, and we better jump onto this band wagon for a better tomorrow, before it leaves us in the dust. From the ashes of hate will rise the phoenix of a better world; as the human spirit is magnanimous, loving and compassionate, at its very core.

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