Negotiating sincerely

To quote today’s Wall Street Journal “Mr. Obama negotiates more sincerely with Ayatollah Khamenei than he does with Congress.” The P5 +1 powers are racing against time as the 75 year old Iranian leader is suffering from Prostate cancer to get the Nuclear deal signed, as once he passes away all bets will be off, as to who will come to power in Iran.

The Congress has been racing against time to repeal the law of the land in Obamacare and slip in abortion provisions in otherwise necessary legislation. According to Paul Krugman the new Republican budget proposals will be a giant transfer of wealth from the poor and middle class to the 1%. As all actions of the Obama administration are suspect from the get go and considered overreach at best and unconstitutional at worst, this kind of fear mongering is uncalled for. Let sensible and clear spending legislation be prepared by Congress and let the President sign it, so the country can go about its business to repair its ailing infrastructure.

Holding up worthy appointees like Ms. Lynch for Attorney General will not aid the country or its business. Who is not negotiating in good faith is a question everyone outside the beltway can see, except for Congress and its baiters like the Journal, urging ever more divisions in faith, in an already fractured house. Sincerely the journal has sensationalized a la Mr. Murdoch the uber journalist and given no constructive opinion, and only added fuel to a raging fire. We deserve better from our elected representatives and the so called free press.

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