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According to the IEA as per amorales2@bloomberg.net “Renewable use in electricity generation is on the rise and will account for almost half the global increase in generation by 2040, according to the report. It said about 7,200 gigawatts of generating capacity needs to be built in that period to keep pace with rising demand and replace aging power stations.

The share of renewables in power generation will rise to 37 percent in countries that are members of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, according to the IEA.

It said that globally, wind power will take more than a third of the growth in clean power; hydropower accounts for about 30 percent, and solar 18 percent. Wind may produce 20 percent of European electricity by 2040, and solar power could take 37 percent of summer peak demand in Japan, it said.”

The leaders in the energy field have to be thinking about generating 1,000s of gigawatts of renewable energy from wind, hydro, solar, biogas, in the coming decades as per the report. We have to wean ourselves away from fossil fuels and reduce the greenhouse gasses effect on climate change. If temperatures continue to rise along with smog (as evident in China today) from the increased use of fossil fuels, we could be looking at a dangerous future for our coming generations. The quicker we change to renewal energy the better for our planet and our environment. A 3.5 degree rise in temperature may not sound like much, but it could cause havoc in storms; and cause instability in nature as a warming trend takes place. This will have unintended consequences of widespread floods or droughts, as weather patterns will be effected around the world.

These dire consequences need to be avoided, and it will help to create millions of jobs for people. Firstly will be the labor required to install efficient renewal forms of energy at an unprecedented scale. Secondly will be all the services, industry and entertainment that will spring up; to meet the needs of the billions of consumers. In an internet of everything world, energy is the bloodline; that unites it all. Have we finally found, the one ring to bind us all; in a world wide web of astral identities, and characters, on this stage of our digital world?

Not only will modern cities be more conscious of renewals; and their environment footprints, but will recycle and become more self-sufficient in their energy and water needs. Urban designs need to change to denser models; where basic amenities can be provided, on a grand scale, to the poorest of the poor. Energy efficiency, its production and storage will become the hallmark of any great city, and the ones naturally proficient will benefit more.

While building the infrastructure for renewals, we will in parallel have to build the distribution system; that will become the arteries of light, in a planned human development. There industries and social services will be delivered to the masses in a new digital world powered by this new source of energy. The elite of course will enjoy the benefits of this energy boost, by grabbing more power, as they have the capital to invest in this new world and technology.

All this must be done while preserving the current state of nature and the environment. Development for humans must not come at the cost of a single other species, as we cannot become the arbitrators; of evolution. We have to coexist with our environment, or will pay the heavy price; of our survival itself. Natural environments and laws can be measured, and we can use this renewal energy; to right the numerous wrongs, we have done to our environments already.

By 2040 a lot of us may be dead, if our environment continues to be neglected, and what kind of earth will we leave behind for our inheritors? I leave you with the somber fact that the:” Earth is also on target for its hottest year ever recorded, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, as well as reaching the highest level of atmospheric carbon dioxide in at least 800,000 years.” We need to fight this on a war footing, and not wait; to become victims of our own evolution.

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