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Women of Algiers

“Picasso’s 1955 oil painting, “The Women of Algiers (Version 0),” sold for $179,365,000 after more than 11 minutes of furious bidding from telephone buyers at a packed auction room at Christie’s. “ reported the Economic Times. In our modern times great wealth has become so anonymous, that it is hushed voices, heard over the conference telephone bidding on priceless works; to be preserved, for their private viewing. At no time has the contrast between the rich and poor been so great in our recent history and the have nots can only hope for a decent dinner before bed, if they get lucky.

I love the painting, as it is truly remarkable how the vision of the artist; sees our world, in so many dimensions and colors. The women are so wonderfully posed in their leisure as they await life. Sensuality runs rampant and the imagination comes alive, to what they must be thinking, as they live their exotic ways. It is one of his best compositions, for that special period; when he surprised the world by taking his art, into a new way of representing the human figure. The interwoven geometric designs, blend together; in a riot of shapes and this three dimensional peeking, comes with great delight for the beholder of these beautiful women. Depth and perception have been mastered, and one can get lost into the heart of the piece; trying to find, its deeper meaning, from this wonderful artist, who lived life in its fullest measures in many ways.

I am no art critic but the stupendous out pouring of serious money for these small canvas pieces runs into billions of dollar. This is at a time when billions are malnourished and hungry and art may be the last thing on their minds. Prices are very strong right now as Christie’s auctioneer says that they cannot find enough masterpieces, to sell for the rich and famous. So it looks like the rich continue to get richer and the poor are not seeing the trickle down effect and in fact are being pushed further away from a civilized life. The ‘Women of Algiers’ is just an example of what is happening in our crazy world. Their juxtaposed body parts reflect our crazy world like no other, and we can see what the artist saw and painted. It is a mirror of our modern world where everything is now divided into the ones who live in luxury, and the ones who are driven to despair by their life.

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