About Rajiv Kapoor

Born into a New Delhi family of Punjabi refugees post partition, I have since traveled the world. Settled in the US for the past many decades, I have experienced many ups and downs. I continue to be amazed at nature's bounty and the miracle of our existence. I wish to meet other kindred souls on this journey; to discuss reason, hope, love and how best to cherish life. Happily married; I enjoy my extended family all over the world, and now wish to add you to this clan!.

Pandemic 2022

A frosty winter dawn rises beyond the Manhattan skyline, as the sun struggles to break free, from the remnants of the previous night. The residents awake to a Pandemic stricken 2022, and struggle to open the schools, and return to a normal life. Our hopes are for health to return, and for our people to be able to go about their lives normally. Our communities must come alive again, humanity must progress beyond these dark times. May Joy return for our children, and may we hear their voices raised loudly, in laughter again. May their love increase, as they play, and rejoice together, in the years ahead!

Happy Diwali 2021

Diwali light

It’s said that on the darkest of nights, when for long stretches, as they walked; Lakshman could not see Ram, and grew weary. Then as his hope ebbed, to its depths, Sita would step aside on the path, to let Lakshman glimpse, his God, Ram. His faith would be renewed, at the light, of his vision, and he would walk on unafraid, even in the dark. Faith in this divine light, is woven, into our Diwali Diya’s, to welcome our true internal Ram, back home. Welcome this Diwali light into our hearts, as we have seen too much darkness and suffering, this year

A Covid Winter

We crossed the solemn count of over half a million dead, this winter, of COVID-19, in the U S Alone. More dead than we lost in all our foreign wars, since our founding. There is no way to describe the devastation of our losses, against this virus. So many loved ones, who died alone; in beds cared by front line responders; sickened to their death. As the President reminded us, of that empty chair; on the dining table, in a family meal. He reminded us on how it hollows us inside, in pain and grief. Yes, in all this cold and inhospitable world, we must rise again and live. We must look up to the heavens and our sun for life, once Summer rolls around.

Our Covid winter has passed, with the largest inoculation plan; being executed, across our world. Millions have already received their vaccines. There is talk of billions, by the end of the year; as more manufacturers, get their trials approved. It will take time for life to return to normal, as Spring will turn into Summer. There is talk of July 4th as a renewed Independence Day, for us all. We must remember we are only human, and a very small and insignificant part, of the Universe. Amongst the billions of suns just in our own Milky way, we are children on only one. There are billions of more galaxies, expanding beyond our Milky Way stretching for billions of light years. We should be thankful and grateful for our lives on this Earth. We must strive to live in mindfulness, and with compassion for all fellow creatures.

The sun, with all those planets revolving around it and dependent upon it, can still ripen a bunch of grapes as if it had nothing else in the universe to do. -Galileo Galilei, physicist and astronomer (15 Feb 1564-1642