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Inequality today


On this day: 1920 – A bomb in a horse wagon exploded (aftermath pictured) in front of the J. P. Morgan building in New York City, killing 38 people and injuring 400 others.
It is now rumored that we are fast approaching or have already passed, the income inequality that existed in the roaring 1920’s, in New York.The robber barons ruled the markets; in a frenzy of railroad, property and kerosene; that led to speculative roller coasters in the markets. J P Morgan became the banker of last resort, when the great depression hit a decade later on Wall Street, destroying many of the the barons, and bringing untold misery worldwide.

Unless we reverse course and take political action, and right this direction soon, we are headed for trouble. We have to start to provide education and employment to the many; at fair wages, or, we may be heading for anarchy in the streets again. We had a taste from the protestors after the great recession;and if we do not raise the minimum wage, solve immigration issues, and have a more equitable distribution of income, the problems will only increase. There is no economic reason for a 300 times disparity; between the President of a corporation, and his associates. We have to alter course, or we may be headed for an urban jungle; where states can’t raise enough taxes from the long suffering and dwindling middle class, for essential city services. When the fabric of society starts to rip; it can have very unintended consequences, as seen in the fall of past cities.

Today we have billionaires and then a lower level of society; living at, or slightly above, the poverty line. Who will provide them solace and comfort and a warm place to stay, if they cannot make a living wage. We have the means to reduce poverty; as per the UN, and just the political will is lacking. New York is capable of changing and showing the way, to a more just and equitable society, as it has done in its history before; when the unions were strong, and labor productive.We just need to have the political will to move forward.

Reaffirming life


In the early morning, the light danced on the waves; and though the towers are gone, there is a strange magical quality in the air. Hoping that time has made me whole again, I come to say goodbye to the past, from across the Hudson. The froth from the waves is a delight; as it ebbs and flows, to nature’s rhythms. The waves hurl themselves on the rocks; where I stand in glee, reaffirming life. I smile at their constant lapping on the shore, as if challenging me to join them in their eternal dance, to the joy of life. The Hudson looks beautiful; and the city is bright in the clear September day. I am happy to turn away; to move on to better things in life, and leave this past behind. There is a spring in my step and the day has just begun!
I return at night to walk Casper, but now in the darkened city the mood is different and more somber, and the glee is gone. We know the towers are gone, but why do I see the reflection in the water of the North and South towers, from where they had stood? My mind is playing tricks on me I know, so I take a photograph to reaffirm the dark mood it lights. I realize that I may have tried to walk away but my subconscious will not let it go, and will not let it pass, and even the camera remembers. I say goodbye to my colleagues again, and turn away; but it clings to my memory, like a faded photo. I realize that even though I may be whole now; a piece of me, will remain here in these grounds forever. I walk away slowly; as Casper looks at me sadly, and know that life is not always, what it appears to be. Our Hope and Faith may be sorely tested, but we must gather our strengths and move on, as time waits for no one. This night is going to be a long one I know, and all I have to do is await the dawn. Surely my conscience will raise the light in the morrow, from this dark despair…