Clear the dams in our rivers and minds

Elwha river

For over a 100 years in the State of Washington, we kept two huge Dams standing on the Elwha River, and it trapped the free flow of the river; and a lot of precious trout and salmon, which may have used the waters to cohabitate, slowly came on the Federal Endangered Species list. In a strange reversal of mother nature, scientist are studying, what the demolition of large tall dams built for controlling the river, and providing ample hydroelectric power; which allowed major corporations, to come up in the State. Now the dams have been dismantled and the sediments built over a century, have been allowed to flow downriver, along with dead wood, and other natural material flows. This has reversed a dying river into a living river, as both flora and fauna, are coming back to life, from these newly released nutrients, it appears. For the thousands of acres of fresh water, and salt water mixtures, which have evolved a complex ecosystem, in the near shore flows down the plain, from the suddenly free Elwha river, flowing into the Strait of Juan de Fuca.
For the first time we are seeing huge engineering constructions being dismantled to take care of our fellow living creatures. Nature has developed over billions of years and humans are in their very early years of evolution. We have a lot to learn on how to live in harmony with mother earth and to ensure we allow others to live and prosper. The waters of the Elwha River flow crystal clear and pristine once again and so many varieties of fish, crabs, vegetation, birds are growing their next generations in the fresh waters. From the high mountains of Snowfinger, the river flows into the ocean, and the whole ecosystem that the estuaries and the delta created, is alive again. A miracle of rebirth is happening right before our eyes, as nature leads the way.
This is a lesson that we must share, as when man takes one step to be more in harmony with nature, it is nature that wraps us in its embrace again; and lets us live peacefully, and prosperously. Having abundance for humans does not mean destroying other lifestyles around us, but instead we must nurture and grow them. Our growth depends on the growth of those around us, as we are all parts of the same existence. Inclusion of others is nothing new, as it goes on, with, or without our acknowledgement. We just have to remain aware, and the greatest natural rule is, that if it does not feel right in our consciousness, then it probably is not. I am not against dams and new technology and it must be harnessed, where needed. It is only that in our ambition, we do not overleap ourselves, and lay everything around us to ruin. We must balance a green path carefully for renewal energy and do what is right for our fellow creatures. Global warming and host of other measures are proving catastrophic and we must do everything in our power to move beyond them and closer to nature.
The sun, the wind, the oceans, the rivers are all there for us to harness their energy, for our own needs. This free renewable energy, is available in greater abundance than our humanity’s needs. The winds will not cease to blow, or the currents to flow, we only have to learn how to harness their strength, we live amidst a bountiful nature, and the sun will rise and set each day, and the tides will rise and fall, and she gives these all to us, to live and prosper. Nature while vengeful in evolution, can also be very magnanimous in her giving, to those who survive in life. We are born of her largess, and as such can always avail of a mother’s gift and use it for our pleasure. I only say treat this gift with respect, and let us live in harmony, and enjoy the wonder, which is our life. We must get together in harmony, and explore the meaning of our  beautiful existence, and the pure joy of life itself!

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