Corral beauty


Bluegreen Damsel fish at the Great Barrier Reef by F. Joseph Pollock a postdoctoral scholar at Penn State

The oceans are facing death as they warm up. The above award winning photo taken recently may not be true anymore. The warming of the ocean may have caused bleaching of the corral and the reef may be dying, and our scholar just has not been back, to this site to photograph, a potentially, still, white, dead, corral. There may be a plastic islands the size of our city, floating around on the Pacific. We dump enough refuge out to sea, which it finds its way killing or threatening, all kinds of life forms, in the ocean. Man has polluted these natural habitats and caused global warming and we have to improve, or we will kill our own world. Our grandchildren deserve to have the opportunity to see natural wonders like the Great Barrier Reef, and we should take appropriate action. While we still live.

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