Diwali arrives

solar-flare-20131025-001 Early Fall bloom
The early fall still had the rose hedge blooming; as the weather, started to turn cold today. The wind has picked up; and although not the biting cold of winter, it still causes a chill when you walk to get the mail. The house is all a bustle, for the Diwali celebrations planned for this week end. Extracted the decorations from the garage and hung them up; on an inspection by more discerning eye, and then had to re do them all as the placement was not really appreciated. Vicious rumors are being started of deliberate attempts to demean the homes aesthetics, and there is even lose talk of of dangerous men trying to decorate; when they have no sense of decorum or taste. The crisis was averted on following the redirection, and now the home looks more festive and ready for the annual celebration.
In the meantime our dear star has flared up again and solar activity has suddenly intensified; with two recent flares leaving to corridors of fire, across our sun’s surface. The sheer power of these eruptions is shown clearly, in the new photographs that have been taken. The energy and heat waves travel thousands of miles; in bursts and flares rising to the turbulent surface, and exploding out into space. These waves will disrupt our radio and other telecommunications and can cause havoc in the airwaves. Luckily we are protected from the fiercest eruptions by distance; and the unique atmosphere of the mother earth, which dispels most harmful rays. The Northern lights may become brighter but we will be safe.
The Diwali celebrations go well, with the family gathered around the Havan, and the Aarti and Lakshmi Pooja afterwards. It is a pleasant evening for children and now grandchildren to be playing around; in the cleared up Den to allow Casper, and the kids to frolic. Good vegetarian food followed in waves; till the final cake and other Punjabi desserts assortment to satisfy, even the least inclined in the Tsunami of food. We are human at an elemental knowledge; yet enshrined in tradition of our ancestors, on this festive day. Even the food followed age old recipes; passed down generations, of our families. A good time was had by all, and let the good times roll in the years to come

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  1. We are missing you and the family at the Diwali celebrations! We hope all of you (including Casper) had a Happy Diwali and we need to video chat soon!

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