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The American economy continues to grow and it is still the biggest economy in the world, when I last checked. Reagan is the greatest president as per modern Republicans, then how come they do not appreciate the fact, that our Industrial output has almost doubled, since his presidency. We have faced the adversity of the Great Recession, and turned it into hope for the betterment of the world, through sheer dedicated efforts. I say that our political leadership despite all its faults is still strong and resilient, so some of the recent political incidents and sayings have left me perplexed.

We continue to add jobs every month and have been doing so for the past many years, and unemployment is down and employment continues to grow. Violent crime is down in New York City and across most of America and the rate has been declining for decades. I do not understand why Donald Trump started his campaign in New York by saying, “Our country is going to hell.”

There is a boom in Green energy and pollution continues to decline, as newer more efficient automobiles, plant and equipment continues to roll out. The new buildings, factories and homes are more energy efficient and our environmental footprint per capita is decreasing in America. Again I do not understand Trump’s comment that, “we’re becoming a third world country,”

Aids, Zika and other deadly viruses are being fought, and we are also leading the fight for eradicating other killing diseases across the world. We have increased research being done on diseases like Cancer, Cardio Vascular and Diabetes, as Americans are living longer than any time in our history. We are able to live more productive and longer lives, and come up with better medications and procedures every year.

The uninsured Health Care population is going down, and more care is being provided to more citizens than at any time in our history. This will lead to health care improvements and to a more productive population. So why does Ted Cruz feel that America “is near an abyss.”

Living standards are going up as mass production and mass consumption is at an all-time peak. The American consumer has never had more choices, in how we want to live, and what we want to consume. So I do not understand Bernie Sander’s comment that the economy has been “destroyed” except for the wealthy.

We are living longer and also having more productive lives. Longevity rates are continuing to rise even as living standards continue to improve. We have the strongest Military and are the undisputed leader of the free world. So why does Mr. Trump feel that America is “Losing all the time.”

Education rates continue to improve as there are more people graduating High School than before. As Obama said at a recent Howard University commencement speech that this is probably the most opportune time to be born Black in America, as there are more opportunities available to a Black graduates today, than ever before.

Equality is rising for the sexes and woman are getting more wages for similar work. Inequality for all races and sexual orientation is improving steadily and glass ceilings are continuing to break as minorities rise to top positions across Industries and organizations. It prompted Senator Lindsey Graham to run “because the world is falling apart,” and maybe he wasn’t talking about America.

On looking around me I am seeing an economically growing, stable and at peace America, able to take steps to improve the lives of its people. The doom Sayers are all around us and the drum roll of America’s decline is being yelled from every political bully pulpit that is available. It is being drummed into each one of us, that there is no opportunity left in this great land, and we have never had it so bad. Our future is bleak at best and horrible at worst. It is time to put up walls around us, and retreat from the world and go back to the drawing board, as nothing is working. The middle class is dying and the poor are growing poorer. Now is not a good time to be an American and even third world countries are happier than us, and on a better path.

On the other hand I find that we are innovating and bringing new technology to market and our corporations continue to bring social and economic change in logistics, social and consumer goods. Wealth is still continuing to grow at a great pace and more opportunities arise continuously, bringing in the brightest and best to our shores, to study and prosper. We still have the most mobile and productive workforce, and the best universities and research organizations in the world. We need leaders who will invest in our infrastructure and social fabric, to make tomorrow better than our past. Adversity should bring out the best in us and not despair and despondence, as that is who we are.

The disconnect in the 2016 elections is in sharp contrast to the optimistic view of ‘Hope’ that Bill Clinton or even Obama brought to us recently. The pendulum has swung so far that we cannot believe in our own success, but need to lean on clutches of bigotry, supremacy and hate to make us feel human. Complete dissatisfaction with our political status quo is raising its ugly head, as partisan political rhetoric goes down the wrong path. Never has the house been so divided as now, when we cannot even decide on the next Supreme court Justice for all of us. Suspicion and disbelief of fellow citizen’s across the aisle is rampant, and our motives questioned even for the best causes.

It is time for us to believe in ourselves again and in our common humanity. We are not the worst or the best but just ordinary humans, striving for a better life. We must welcome equality and opportunity, as only together can we find the best path forward. Slogans and political gimmickry that divides us, will not be tolerated. We have to let our candidates know that if they do not show their plans for a better America, and how they will achieve it in their first 100 days, we do not need them. We are a nation of doers and not slogan mongers, and we will march with the one who will lead from the front, to a better tomorrow. Show us your plans for a better America, and not all that can possibly go wrong. We know what is wrong and it is your empty hate mongering and divisive slogans, give us a leader and a visionary instead. God bless America, as our diversity in thought and action is what makes our future strong!

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Rajiv Kapoor was born in New Delhi. He was educated by the Jesuits at St Xavier’s, and graduated with Honors, from The University of Delhi. Rajiv Kapoor did his MBA in International Business from Penn State and is now settled in the US. He has traveled across most states of India, when he was working on modernization of Rice Mills, and understands their diverse culture and history. This book is a historical fiction, dedicated to his city of birth. His extensive research dives deep into a critical moment, in India’s long history, for his latest Historical Thriller “The Peacock Throne Wars”..

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