My burning universe

Opening my inner eye leads to the firm conclusion that there is knowledge deep in each one of us, where the universe burns; in an eternal flame. We are blind to this sacred power that resides in our inner most cores, and gives us what we call life, as we are too worn down by the care of the trivial events, which surround us. It is only in moments when we awake to the great reality, that suddenly the opaque glass of Maya is shattered, and we come face to face with our own reality. It then become important for us to act on what is real, and let go of the illusion that is transitory.
I enter the burning universe and come alive as now the cosmic fire does not burn me, or the solar winds dry me, and I am the consciousness that was and will be. Primordial sound and light do not bother me, as I dance in their vibrations, and the waves are mine to ride. Time has no meaning suddenly, as it slows and eons are in my grasp, and as I unfold my grasp, eons are passing in moments. There is no joy or happiness in this moment, as it just is, and I am awake to a new sense of the extraordinary, that is here and now. I blink and worlds disappear and I blink again and they reappear, as if born again. Reincarnation is real, but just slightly different from what I had imagined, it to be. It is a flowing river of time and space, where the water is the same, but I cannot touch the same water, once it has passed.
I burn and am not consumed, for I am part of this universe where nothing is lost forever, and it is as if the more I burn, the more I live. So I let my inner eye close, and come back to my existence, and see that nothing has really changed. I am who I was and I remain who I will be. The visions of the burning universe remain in my mind’s eye, but I cannot explain them to anyone. I decide not to speak to anyone about it, lest they think I have a secret mission. I sleep and perchance will dream of the spectacle, that is all around us and yet we do not see it. I realize that the reality in sleep may be better, than the reality of being awake.We are creatures of consciousness, and I wrap myself in its layers, and am content; yet my inside burns, in the eternal flame. As i drift off I see my eternal flame fighting with the forces of dark matter and black holes, and know that tomorrow life will continue from here.

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About Rajiv Kapoor

Rajiv Kapoor was born in New Delhi. He was educated by the Jesuits at St Xavier’s, and graduated with Honors, from The University of Delhi. Rajiv Kapoor did his MBA in International Business from Penn State and is now settled in the US. He has traveled across most states of India, when he was working on modernization of Rice Mills, and understands their diverse culture and history. This book is a historical fiction, dedicated to his city of birth. His extensive research dives deep into a critical moment, in India’s long history, for his latest Historical Thriller “The Peacock Throne Wars”..

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