Spam kills relationships!

A 2011 Cisco Systems report shows spam volume originating from countries worldwide.[19]

Rank Country Percentage of spam volume
1  India 13.9
2  Russia 9.0
3  Vietnam 7.9
4 (tie)  South Korea 6.0
 Indonesia 6.0
6  China 4.7
7  Brazil 4.5
8  United States 3.2

For over a year I have been suffering from spam on my Word Press blog; and it had made me a social outcast, as I would spend countless hours on cleaning up the site than in actually writing. Yesterday I upgraded to the next level and then with another payment to a site, that protects you from spam – suddenly no more spam. This is absolutely ridiculous as the wasted hours and days are priceless; and now I am ready to join society again, in a meaningful exchange of ideas. Vacations were spent cleaning up my site, when I could have been spending quality time with my loved ones. With 1,684 comments marked as spam and another 3,362 comments consigned to the trash pile I am finally free. The social media sites should take better care of their customers and at least message them that there is help out there for them, instead of letting them suffer and lose all their free time in doing cleanup of spam that they have the tools to take care of easily. Totally disgusted for wasting my life on fighting spam; and at the same time relieved, that I can get back to my writing again.

3 thoughts on “Spam kills relationships!

  1. What a relief as this is the second day with no spam, and now all I need to do is get the creative juices flowing again! Family and friends you should be hearing from me regularly now, as the chains that were holding me back have been broken and I have been set free. Now it is only me and my love of the blank page and all the possibilities of what I can do, to color it in life and nature’s multicolored hues!

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