Will Paris be the beacon of hope?

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A little bird told me that all the leaders of the world are gathered together after 5 years to discuss climate change. In Paris < 02, India initiated the Solar Alliance and will play a key part in its initiation at New Delhi. Metropolitan Delhi with 16 million people and the suburbs include another 9 million to total about 25 million citizens and growing rapidly, is one of those giant urban sprawls on earth; that defy imagination. It is now the most polluted city in the world, and in most measures way ahead of Beijing in a similar size. The need for green energy and clean transportation and mass transit for Delhi itself, should be paramount in any efforts, as the city has outgrown its infrastructure. Delhi has the highest level of the airborne particulate matter, PM2.5 considered most harmful to health, with 153 micrograms. Stopping its neighboring agricultural states from burning their paddy fields for the wheat field’s readiness, will reduce the environmental disaster, as the same can be better disposed off. We need modern machines and methods to improve the recycling of the bio mass, instead of burning it. Innovation also on an urban scale by roof use conversion and water harvesting and the cleanup and revival of the neighboring Yamuna River can go a long way for eco conservation. Green belt forestation so prevalent in traditional Delhi, must be revived, with massive investments, before this urban jungle dies without its lungs.

The future is in innovation and finding better wind/solar/nuclear/hydro/biomass solutions for energy and reducing our carbon footprint going forward across the world. It is anybody’s guess at the time as to how Modi’s Solar energy proposal for the 120 countries in the solar belt, will get the required funds to build giant solar farms. India also became a partner of Mission Innovation with numerous Indian Private Sector leaders wowing to support Bill Gate’s push on innovation, for new ways to solve the problem of Climate Change and energy consumption. “We will be proposing many new things. They are on cards.” We are talking of giga projects here of alternate energy that will reduce future human pollution into the air we breathe.

“China (is at) 29 per cent, US is second with 16 per cent, Europe third with 10 per cent and India at fourth with 5 per cent emission. “ As per the ET analysis current trends will balloon emissions, if our leaders do not take decisive action. India is just on the verge of increasing its energy footprint in one of the largest growth rates projected in the coming decades. It is increasingly coal, CNG and oil based for now with tankers of imports from Qatar and other trading partners feeding the needs of the hungry masses. Bihar almost a poster child for underdevelopment, is now the fastest growing state, as it has coal, iron steel and other industries to feed the nation. As Dams and canals to harness its ample water resources are built and its agricultural productivity increases through modernization, green development can spread in the land.

State Area km2 Population
Bihar 94,163 103,804,637
Germany 357,168 81,083,600
 It many be only a matter of time and investment that Bihar alone could rival Germany in the future if all the plans for rapid growth bear fruit!

Modern ports along the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal should adorn India.

Portal integration of modern logistics for freight,  automobile and passenger ferries along India’s ports has a huge scope. We need to use green methodology for Indian Ocean sailing and shipping and logistics by using clean diesel and renewable solar combinations. We have to augment existing road, rail and airports by making them green with wind, solar, biomass projects. The new Government is intent on improving Port infrastructure through the construction of a string of major ports around the Indian coast like a Samudramala. . These plans Port/Rail covered the linking of Mundra Port and Pipavav-Surendranagar, Hassan- Mangalore, Gandhidham-Palanpur and Bharauch-Dahej gauge conversion projects. These projects have added about 1030 km of rail lines also into the hinterland for better economic logistics, the official said. Many tens of thousand km more are required for a modern India, to match the developed countries.

Besides, railways have offered 400 stations to be redeveloped with private participation for improving passenger amenities inviting open bids from interested parties. This is a huge initiative that can spread best practices and improve services, using Private bidders, in an open electronic system. The model can then be rolled out to thousands of other stations to make clean green zones around these existing stations. Addition to India’s infrastructure by building these corridors of industrial and resource movements for energy and transportation, linking the land in an economic development, fueled by massive investments from the developed nations, to keep climate change at bay; is a must. We have to tackle this tough problem in our generation, as it cannot be allowed to fester and cause distress to future generations. The time to act is now after five years of waiting for Paris. There can be no turning back from this carbon loaded atmosphere, if we do not find a better way together; as it is well known that all living beings will suffer its terrible effects, on our mother earth soon.

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